Sorting algorithms III – 9 years later

And so I’m back! I haven’t been here for quite some time, and a lot has happened in the meantime. I’ve worked as a Customer Support Manager at Eezeebee (a small software company for fashion B2B’s and B2C’s) for quite some time, but recently I made a career change by becoming something I never thought I’d become (mostly because my father was one): a teacher! I’ve recently begun as an IT teacher at the Hanzehogeschool (University of Applied Sciences). It’s hard work but it’s fun and it’s rewarding. And it brought me back to that old passion o’mine: sorting algorithms 🙂 One of the courses I teach, together with the esteemed Bas Heijne, is Algorithms and Data Structures, wherein sorting is used as an example case for developing efficient algorithms. Reading back on what I wrote 9 years ago, it seems to me that the infamous H Sort is nothing more than Selection Sort (although the keeping-in-memory part could be a small improvement). But… the other day I thought of yet another sorting algorithm: Index Sort, or maybe Hash Sort. It has to do with storing items in an array using their value (or a hash of it) as the index. Theoretically, this could give you a Big O of N (N times O(1)). I’m still developing and testing it using good old Java, and the results seem promising, but I have no final results yet. So, again, stay tuned for more on Sorting!

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